beauty is absolute

Unquestionably, DBS Superleggera sits at the pinnacle of the Aston Martin production range. It is both a shining light expressing the most beautiful automotive art and, at the same time, a dark and menacing shadow of brutal, unequivocal strength. It is this fine blend of seemingly opposing traits that makes the DBS Superleggera the absolute Aston Martin. Aggressive, yet beautiful. Super lightweight, yet powerfully strong. A commanding presence, yet lavishly finished.


Convention says form and function are opposing interests. The DBS Superleggera is here to prove otherwise. The shape is unmistakably Aston Martin, but stronger, broader and more muscular than ever, not at a stylist’s whim but to cool and control the most powerful production Aston Martin in our history.
An Aerodynamic Masterpiece
The DBS Superleggera commands and exploits the air flowing over its surfaces—it bends the air to its will, splits and curves it, attracts and repels it according to its need. And when the finest designers and engineers harness such a powerful force of nature, sheer, unadulterated beauty is the result.


An engine capable of accelerating to 62 mph in less than 3.6 seconds and to a top speed of 211 mph needs to be harnessed by a very special transmission. With the ZF 8HP95 gearbox, the DBS Superleggera has the most sophisticated driveline yet.
There’s genuine engineering purpose behind the splitters, side sills and Aeroblade IITM that goes far beyond their muscle-bound appearance.

DBS Superleggera Volante

DBS Superleggera Volante continues the aerodynamic masterpiece of the coupe model, commanding and exploiting the surface airflow to maximum effect. At the front, the car’s splitter and airdam work in unison, accelerating airflow underneath the front of the car to deliver true downforce and assist cooling by feeding air to the front brakes. The new deeper side strake draws more air from the front wheel arch to reduce lift and aid high-speed stability.


The DBS Superleggera is our most aerodynamically sophisticated production car ever. There’s genuine engineering purpose behind the splitters, side sills and Aeroblade IITM that goes far beyond their muscle-bound appearance. The influence of these fully functional components is felt everywhere, making the car more stable, agile and, of course, yet more beautiful.

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